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Drama Inspired by the modern classic, Wings of Desire, City involves an angel ( Cage) who is just wonderful on all levels. I have always believed in angels, but after seeing this film it gave me a different perspective of our guardian angels. City of Angels is a 1998 film starring Nicolas Cage (far from his Nicolas Rage roots), Meg Ryan, and Sarah McLachlan's music. It's actually a Foreign Remake. Some critics complained that City of Angels could never compare to Wim Wenders's exquisite German film Wings of Desire, which served as the later film's.

City of Angels is a 1998 American romantic fantasy drama film directed by Brad Silberling. The film stars Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. Set in Los Angeles. Apr 6, 1998 Like the German film, new pic offers a haunting, lyrical meditation on "Wings of Desire," Brad Silberling's "City of Angels" is a superlatively. Apr 10, 1998 . The Wenders film is more about spirituality. The decision to fall to earth comes toward the end. In "City of Angels" the angel's decision (1998) City of Angels. : , , , . . City of Angels is a 1998 film about an angel watching over Los Angeles who begins finding his job difficult as he falls in love with a beautiful heart surgeon. Apr 10, 1998 City of Angels demonstrates the best kind of emotionally A reinterpretation of the German film 'Wings of Desire', plot of the movie revolves.

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